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Работа в HRC Talents

Senior equity research analyst
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Город: Работа в Киеве
Инвестиционные компании
График работы: постоянная
Oпыт работы: 1
Образование: высшее
Работа в HRC Talents
  Our client a brand name international investment company is looking for

Senior Equity Research Analyst

Tasks and Responsibilities:
Reporting to the Head of Research (Ukraine), the successful candidate will participate in comprehensive analysis of the industry and in deriving recommendations on major stocks. Responsibilities include detailed forecasting of companies financial performance and extensive writing of research reports. The successful candidate will establish and maintain long-standing relationships with companies. He/she will communicate on a regular basis with sales and trading representatives as well as Company’s foreign and domestic clients. The analyst is also expected to generate ideas for possible corporate finance transactions for Company’s investment banking team.

General Requirements:
The candidate must have excellent analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of asset and enterprise valuation methods. Proven experience in financial statement analysis and extensive modeling skills are essential. He/she should be fluent in English and Russian, with excellent written and oral communication skills. An ability to present complex industry issues in structured and logical form is a crucial characteristic of the successful candidate. The candidate must be ambitious and energetic, with potential to take an independent analyst role. Knowledge of the Utilities, chemistry and oil&gas sector and understanding of capital markets are highly desirable but not essential.

Company offer:
• 24-day paid vacation, 100% paid sick days,
• Paid professional trainings,
• Competitive legal salary and compensation package depending on candidate’s level,
• Good career opportunities,
• Paid expenses for Cell Phone,
• Life and medical Insurance packages.

Работа в компании:
HRC Talents
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HRC Talents

Работа в компаниях

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