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Работа в Dragon Capital

Dragon Capital

Работа в Dragon Capital

Город: Киев

Dragon Capital is Ukraine’s only full-service investment bank, providing industry-leading brokerage and investment banking services for retail, institutional and strategic investors worldwide. Established in 2000, Dragon has never relinquished its lead in Ukrainian equity markets, building a solid reputation for client focus, hard work, integrity and professionalism. Brokerage Dragon’s brokerage and trading department is the nation’s leader, ranked #1 all-time on the PFTS, Ukraine’s leading index, and its top trader by year in 2003, 2005 and 2006. Over 10M06 Dragon accounted for nearly one-third (31%) of the total volume of turnover on the index, with more than 1.5 billion shares traded – as much as the next three brokerages combined. The company has established strong relationships with more than 800 investors worldwide and has completed more than 50 transactions in one of Europe’s most exciting emerging markets, and its cooperation agreement with U.S.-based Auerbach, Grayson & Co. (NY) makes it the sole investment bank in Ukraine with access to a broad network of U.S. institutional investors. Investment Banking Dragon Capital is Ukraine’s all-time leader in IPOs and equity financing and is among the most prolific debt financing specialists in the country. In this year alone Dragon has raised nearly $350m in total equity, while its total debt financing exceeds $400m. The firm has lead-managed and acted as sole bookrunner for 9 of the 11 IPOs for Ukrainian companies in 2006, with assignments that include banking, retail trade, real estate, manufacturing and media. Asset Management Investors seeking strong asset growth know that some of Ukraine’s best-performing investment funds are Dragon’s Orange (offshore) and Platinum (onshore) funds. The Orange fund is up 55 percent and 38 percent YTD since its launch in Aug-2005, while the Platinum fund, launched in Aug-2006, is already net 20 percent to investors. Research The Dragon research team provides full-spectrum support for the company’s investment banking, brokerage and asset management divisions. The firm benefits from CFA-registered professionals and an experienced team to receive the latest information on blue chip stocks, plus 2nd- and 3rd-tier firms in all key areas, such as steel, mining, chemicals, banking and telecoms. Dragon’s market research includes monthly macroeconomic and investor strategy reports, fixed income and sector reports, plus client-tailored news and analysis across all industries and sectors. Additionally, the Dragon Daily, our exclusive investor information service, combines up-to-date news about market-shaping events with superior analysis of Ukraine’s complex business and political environment. Readership of the Daily has grown by more than 400 percent since 2003. Committed to Investors In 2002, Dragon Capital established a representative office in the Czech Republic in order to expand its successful M&A advisory business to Central Europe and to promote investment opportunities in Ukraine to multinationals operating in the CEE region. The cornerstone of Dragon Capital’s success is a tightly knit team of more than 60 highly qualified specialists, including foreign experts with prolific domestic market experience and Western-educated Ukrainian professionals, with their extensive network of local contacts. All are committed to providing the best western-standard financial services available anywhere.

Работа в Dragon Capital

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