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Работа в Foyil Securities New Europe

Foyil Securities New Europe

Работа в Foyil Securities New Europe

Город: Киев

Foyil Securities is Ukraine’s leading and most respected securities brokerage, investment banking and asset management firm. We have an immediate opening for a highly qualified, self-motivated individual with high professional achievements. Foyil Securities provides institutional brokerage services tailored to the emerging market countries of New Europe, which includes but is not limited to: Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania. Foyil’s key products are its highly regarded research department and trading execution. Foyil Corporate Finance is a division of Foyil Securities that provides Mergers & Acquisition advisory, Initial Public Offering and Corporate Bond services to its institutional clients.

Работа в Foyil Securities New Europe

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